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Session Structure 

The session starts of with a warm-up for 15-20 minutes. Following the warm up there will be a brief welcome to the dance and clear ground boundaries. This will lead into a connect with the earth element, welcoming the body parts, which can either be with the self or another or the group as a whole. The whole focus of this practice is to feel ok to dance with another or choose to be in your own space.  Then we start with the first stage of free flow movement, which involves exploring the whole space by walking slowly around the space acknowledging the other free flow participants which you will be taking with you on this journey for the next 90 minutes. Following this, I will lead visualisation of the internal flow of water in our bodies and try to connect to this firstly in an individual personal space and then pushing to the outer self whereby one could connect with another free flow member. As the movement progresses then i reaches the limits of the space around ones self and explore what it feels like to come into contact with another persons space. 

The next stage is surrendering to what your body wants to do, from continuing to feel out your boarder or to go with in ones self. The next stage is allowing the movement to lead the body to do what it wants to do if and allow the mind to be quiet. The focus is the freedom in micro seconds during the movement.

Our internal flow can either be soft like a stream or slightly more choppy like a stronger current.  It could be fierce like a storm or delicate like drops of water just after a rainy day. The internal flow can be still like ice or bubbling like boiling water. Everyone’s flow can change from minute to minute and at times second to second and I will encourage people to surrender to their internal free flow movement.


There is no right or wrong in this practice and if you want to express yourself verbally feel free.

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